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                        Sabbath March 10, 2018


                              Divine Worship Service 
Introit                                                                               Praise Team
Call to Worship                                                                Joan McGinnis
Opening Prayer                                                                Pastor Leslie Moise
Welcome                                                                           Justine Benaine
Announcements                                                                Ingrid Briggs
Pastoral Remarks                                                              Pastor Leslie Moise
Children’s Story                                                                Camille Johnson
Praise and Worship                                                          Praise Team
Prayer of Intercession                                                     Carl Bobb Semple
Tithe and Offering                                                           Charlotte Simpson
Scripture Reading       Matthew 5:10-12                         Joshua Henry
Musical Praise                                                                  Albert St. Hillaire
Sermon                                                                             Pastor Leslie Moise
                       Blessed Are Those Who are Persecuted
Closing Hymn                       #608                                   Congregation
                                              Faith is Thy Victory
Closing Prayer                                                                   Joan McGinnis

Mitchellville Seventh-day Adventist Church
122 Old Largo Rd | Largo, MD 20774-1255